Hunky Dunky

Sorry for the Facebook repeat. I decided this one was worth saving with our family stories.

I wish I could explain just how hard it is to keep it together when Jacob looks at me with the most serious face and with raised eyebrows says, “MOM. I HAFTA tell you dis. Dunky-Wunky dist totally FELL. He dist totally BWOKE a bunch, Mom. He did! And den, he couldn’t even be FIXED. I’m not even kidding. Dunky-Wunky is BWOKEN. But, MOM… He was SO BWAVE. Dunky-Wunky is SO BWAVE because he didn’t even CWY when he was all bwoken on his head. I’m so see-wious. And when all da kings and ho-ses came, day couldn’t even fix him, Mom! Day dist COULDN’T DO IT.”

Is it terrible that I asked him to tell me the story about 7 more times, just because I died inside of pure and utter hilarity each and every time he said Dunky-Wunky? I didn’t even know who the heck Dunky-Wunky was until he was all the way through the story the first time. And now, I just want to wake him up to hear him tell me the story again. Or the one about “Little Wed Widing Hood who was chased by da big WOOF-DOG while her Gwampa was at work.”

Next Morning:
First thing this morning, I asked Jacob to tell me the story of Dunky-Wunky again. He was just waking up (video includes puffy eyes, morning voice, and a hair spike), so I didn’t get as many details. Also, after hearing his version of the story last night, his older and wiser sister did her best to correct “Dunky Wunky.” But he still doesn’t get it quite right. So here it is, the shortened, partly corrected story of the now-called Hunky-Dunky. You’ll at least get a picture of the seriousness of his story telling last night…


One thought on “Hunky Dunky

  1. I just love Hunky Dunky.

    Sooo, when Tracy was little, we were in the gas station. I was filling up with gas, she was inside the car. All of the sudden the car started to rock and roll because she was jumping around soooo excited! I opened the car door and she was pointing at the man coming out of the market yelling, “There is Humpty Cumpty! There is Humpty Dumpty” Sure enough, a rather round, egg shaped man, white shirt tucked into his pants with a belt, no neck, kinda pointed hed was coming out of the market.

    I closed the car door quickly so he wouldn’t hear. i think Tracy wanted his autograph. She was definitly a fan!

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