Lazy Days Of Summer

Around the Priestman home, we take this phrase seriously. And quite literally. (Or at least some of us do. There is one over-achiever that still works his tail off. We’ll have to forgive him for making the rest of us look bad.)

Summer Day Number 1. At around 11:15, I posted this on Facebook:

TODAY: First official day of summer vacation.

Weather: RAIN. Exactly what I prayed for. (Sorry, friends. I needed a guilt-free lazy day.)

Places I have to go: NOWHERE

Things I have to do: NOTHING (Well, except some serious housework and laundry. But we’ll see.)

Things I’ve done so far:
– Slept in until nearly 8:30. (It would’ve been later if not for 2 extremely persistent little people.)
– Fed the kids breakfast. (Sure, it was only so they’d stop nagging me about it. But just whatever. They ate.)
– Enjoyed a couple cups of delicious coffee while sitting in my recliner with a blanket.
– Chatted with friends on FB.
– Snuggled with my 2 littlest peeps.
– Spit all over my computer while watching youtube videos on how to whistle with my fingers. (It’s NOT working, Karen and Erick. The only sounds I’ve managed to make are gagging noises.)

Things I’ve NOT done:
– Shower
– Cleaning
– Laundry
– Any work of any kind

Things I don’t plan on doing:
– Anything that requires my hair done, make -up, or public-appropriate clothing.

It’s now 2 hours later, and I’ve accomplished TWO more tasks! I know, I know. Somebody stop me!
1. I fed the starving and begging children lunch. Nevermind what I fed them. Just know they ate. And were sufficiently satisfied.
2. I showered. And brushed my teeth. Because I’m just crazy like that.

And really, that last one is TWO things, so I guess I should say I’ve accomplished THREE tasks. But no worries, I got right back into clean but too-inappropriate-for-public clothing. Hello, yoga pants and ratty/stained sweatshirt.

And then, I texted my husband.


By “Laundry in the works,” I just meant the pile on the hallway floor has made it to the couch to be folded. Folding and further washing hasn’t actually started yet.

My point in telling you all this? I have two, really…

1. All you over-achievers posting about the masses of things you’ve accomplished on this here first day of summer? You’ve been hidden on my newsfeed. I prefer my laziness to be guilt-free. You were really starting to hinder that.

2. I’m sorry to say, I’m praying for yet one more super rainy day tomorrow. Unfortunately, this house is going to need cleaning someday. And clearly, today is not that day. Better luck tomorrow. It will just require more rain.


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