Finding Our Joy

Sometimes I need to remind myself to look for the joy in life. God blessed Matt and I with two little humans that make it nearly impossible NOT to find it. Even so, I want to always lift my eyes to the hills and remember the One who gave us these – and all other – blessings. And in times of trial, we lift our eyes again and remember where our help comes from.

Psalm 121:1

4 thoughts on “Finding Our Joy

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    • Holly, while wolfing down a bowl of granola and a banana, I read this and feel appropriately reminded where my focus should be in this day I face. I go forward to meet with two broken families today and need all the strength I can receive. Thanks for the laugh and the encoluraging word. You are a gifted writer, and this proud dad says who really cares what the Simons of this world think anyway?? Love you — Dad

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