Spaghetti: it’s what’s for dinner

Our dinner conversation:

Me: Jacob, eat your dinner please.

Jacob: (Looking away to his sister) Look, Sissy! Look at my cars!

Me: Jacob, EAT your dinner!

Jacob: (Still looking away) Sissy, did you see my cars?

Me: JACOB. LOOK at me. (He looks) EAT. YOUR. DINNER.

Jacob: (Nodding head) I heard you, mommy. I will. I will eat it.

Me: Thank you. Thank you very much.

Jacob: I will eat my dinner… (shaking head emphatically) …but I won’t eat dat. Not dat.

Me: Well, that is what’s for dinner. Eat your dinner.

Jacob: (Still shaking head) Nope. Not dat. I will not eat it.

Me: Eat it.

Jacob: (Shaking head “no” with each syllable) NOT DAT. NOT. DAT. NOT! DAT! I WILL NOT EAT DA NOODLES!

Me: Jacob, noodles are what’s for dinner. And peppers. And applesauce. Eat your dinner.

Jacob: (calmly) Noodles are for dinner. (He smiles) But not for me. Day are for sissy. SISSY will eat da noodles! I will eat my dinner. But I will not. EAT. DAT. (long pause) Dank you. Dank you VERY MUCH!

Annalise: Mommy, why are you hiding your face and laughing in your shirt? Is it because Jacob talks so much?

Pretty much, kiddo, pretty much.

That, and I’m just a little frightened for our future. Prayers appreciated.

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