Here we go a bloggin’…

My parents have been bugging me to write a book. Apparently, they say I write funny Facebook stuff about the kids. (And obviously, funny Facebook stuff = enough talent to write a book. Emphasis on the sarcasm.)

But here’s the thing. They are MY parents. And the “funny” things I write are about THEIR grandchildren. This equates to high entertainment value for THEM, which in their mind – equates to good book material. The problem is, life stories about an average mom/teacher and her silly kids/husband aren’t high-sell value to the rest of the public, as in, those not related to us.

It’s kinda akin to those American Idol try-outs where the singers are convinced they are the best because their family told them so. And then they are completely shocked and devastated when Simon laughs them off the stage. (Is it Simon now? I can’t remember.) And we all “get to” watch the embarrassing fiasco from our EZ chairs.

Well, my parents always taught me “Just because so-and-so says to jump off a cliff, would you?” In this case, my parents are the so-and-so. And no, I will not. Because I have no desire to spend countless hours writing a book (about I don’t know what) that will only be mocked by countless Simons (publishers). So I am writing a blog instead. That way, my parents can read my “published” work and be happy. And if you are one of the 3 friends of mine/my parents who also said I should write a book, you can read it, too.

And for those who don’t care if I write a book but would like to keep up on the on-goings of the Priestmans, you can read it too. And if you don’t care about knowing about the Priestmans, well, you should. Because we’re kinda a fun bunch. At least I think so.

And ALL of you can still laugh from your EZ chairs. Hopefully it will just be more laughing with than at.


Oh yeah, and please read the “Finding Our Joy” in the top right corner. It is the real reason I am writing this. So we can remember to look for the joy and to share that joy with others.

P.S. Pictures to be added soon. I haven’t figured that part out yet. But thankfully I am married to a pretty cool guy who knows a bit about photo stuff. I think he’ll help me out…

6 thoughts on “Here we go a bloggin’…

  1. Hooray Hooray Hooray. I’m one of those Holly-should-write-a-book people (although I don’t think I ever said it out loud…er, typed it on Facebook). Looking forward to reading about your adventures!

  2. Holly, I think you are a terrific writer, and blogging will be a good launching pad to that future book that we all know you will someday write…maybe when the chillins’ are older. I’ve been blogging for several years so a word of advice–it’s addicting! Looking forward to reading more about the adventures of the Priestmans.

  3. Hey Holly,

    I think you write funny things too!! I always read your facebook statuses because I know it will be a good laugh… even if I never comment. 😉

    And we all know you have the best pictures so it’s a win win. 🙂

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