Caution: HOT

Annalise has some fancy rolls of tape, each with a different design or picture on them. It is really a nice addition to the mounds of oh-so-adorable paper/glitter glue/tape creations. A mom just can’t get enough of those, you know. The fancy tape also comes in handy when hanging, say, artwork you’ve created just especially for your doggy’s kennel decor. “So she has something pretty to look at while she’s locked up.” How very thoughtful, wouldn’t you say? I’m sure the hours locked in the box are worth it, now that she has beautiful drawings to eat view.

One of Annalise’s tape rolls doubles as a “Caution” sticker. It reads: CAUTION HOT!

After asking her dad what it said, she realized how useful this tape could be. So, she began sticking it in appropriate places as a clear warning to all.

The oven door:

photo(50)(And yes, that is the reflection of Jacob in his undies in the background. Undies and a shirt is an improvement. Lately, he’s preferred no clothing at all.)

My curling iron:

photo(51)Useful stuff.

Before taping up her warnings, Annalise was curious about the message. “Daddy, what does ‘Caution Hot’ actually mean?”

Matt explained it was like a warning that something was hot, so people won’t get burned.

“So, what’s hot?” she wondered out loud.

His reply, “Well, whatever you put the tape on.”

And so with a look of panic, she quickly ripped her “Caution Hot” tape off her finger.



And also… this:


Yeah. I couldn’t believe it either. Not sure I’m ready for this.

But, for those especially bad hair days, or when you have a massive zit in the middle of your forehead, or when you feel like crying because your “baby” is looking like she’s just aged a few years just because her hair got shorter and now it’s time to register her for kindergarten, or all of the above, that fancy tape can really come in handy…

photo(52)So there’s that.

One thought on “Caution: HOT

  1. I remember getting the boys’ hair cut the first time…it was really hard for this momma too. I have always wondered what “the big deal is”…I think that I have figured it out over the years…it is CHANGE. Us momma’s really don’t like change. That is from changing diapers to the change when they get older and go to school…or even move a class in Sunday school. 🙂 I am thinking from the baby room to the toddler room here!!! Then other days we just want them to grow up so that they will understand what we are trying to teach them…or assume that they already do because they look the part and that is even worst for them and all concerned. So I have decided maybe the best things is to not worry about it…live slowly when I have the chance and run like crazy when I need to…but just live. That is something that I didn’t do very much of while raising the boys…I just survived!! I don’t think that God wants us to be that way…I am learning I beleive he intended for us to smell the flowers and take in the beautiful sunsets and the caterpillar on the leaves of the apple tree. To see someone in need and actually have enough in us to love on them and be Jesus to them. If nothing else, stop and pray for them silently as we go by them.
    Well enough said…I love the new look and your family!! {{{{{HUGS}}}}

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