7 of 40 – Well, aren’t we adorable

Day 7 Topic: Funnies. Annalise this time. I’ll be brief.

While we were having brunch at a restaurant, a couple walked by and smiled. The lady leaned over to Matt and whispered, “Just so you know, you have the most adorable children!”

As she walked away, Annalise asked what they said. Matt told her. Annalise asked if it was the man that said it. “No,” Matt replied, “just the lady said it.”

Her response: “Oh. He must not have seen us then!”

Atta girl. I like the confidence.

P.S. A couple of updates…

  1. I will be investing in a pair of long johns/long underwear for the boy. I still say tights work better – because of the feet and all. But all you guys that were concerned for my son, rest easy.
  2. I still have not made it on Annalise’s “Thanks Giving” leaves. Only 19 more chances. Not that I’m counting, or anything…

2 thoughts on “7 of 40 – Well, aren’t we adorable

  1. Reminds me of when Paul Michael said something like this to Shantell: “You sure are cute!”, to which she replied, “Oops, excuse me! You mean adorable!”

    But of course, it’s true! Jacob and Leesie are adorable!!



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