5 of 40 – And the list goes on…

Really no desire to write tonight. It’s been a day. Let me tell ya, it’s. been. a. DAY. But that would be awfully sad if I set out to do 40 days of posts and could only make it 4. I’ve got to at least make it a quarter of the way, wouldn’t you say?

So… Day 5 of 40 Topic: Funnies? Maybe.

I still haven’t made it on Annalise’s Thanks Giving leaves. She was wondering out loud what she’d write on her leaf for the night. My heart is thankful she is thankful for so many things that she just can’t pick one. We are blessed! Aaaand most of her “thankful” things have been people. The girl values what’s important. Double blessed! But the decision each night is a tough one and takes some pre-planning.

Leesie: Mom, I just don’t know what to write on my leaf tonight. I’m just thankful for so much! (pause) Oh, I know! I’ll be thankful for Izzy!

Me: You already were thankful for Izzy.

L: Oh. (another pause) How about Jacob?

Me: Yep. You were thankful for him, too.

L: Oh. Daddy? (no pause this time)

Me: (disgruntled) Yep. Him, too.

L: Hmm. Well, I can’t decide then.

Me: I can think of someone you could write.

L: (with surprise. As though there couldn’t possibly be another person to write) Who???

Me: (No words. Just raised eyebrows and a knowing look.)

L: (sighing and nearly rolling her eyes.) But I already put you. Remember? I said, “Family.”

Me: Yeah, I remember. But then you said Daddy, Izzy, and Jacob separately. And you were going to say them all again.

L: Yeah. But I don’t really need to do everyone that way. Because when I said “family,” that included everyone. (long pause) I know! I think I’ll write, “My pink Christmas tree!”

Me: (flatly) But it’s not even Christmas. (Ironic I’m the one saying that, having been listening to Christmas music for over a month now.)

L: Yeah, but I can still be thankful for it all year! Right, mom?

I’m getting beat out by a pink tree. 20 days left (not that I’m counting). I could still make the list, but it’s not looking good.

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