Heaven’s Joy

This poem was written by a friend 6 years ago after our twin girls were born and entered Heaven. I read it countless times after they passed, because it provided me with mind pictures of the hope I clung to. I asked my friend permission to share it on here today in their memory.

In memory of

Madison Faith ~ August 11, 2006


Taylor Grace ~ August 13, 2006

Heaven’s Joy

A Poem for Taylor and Madison

Sweet little twins

Born so small and perfect

We wanted you to stay

Did you feel our love?


Precious little babies

Hear the lullaby of Jesus

Snuggle close to angel’s wings

Your spirits light and free


Lovely little daughters

In your new glorious bodies

Your daddy’s hopes, your mama’s dreams

Are in the arms of our Eternal Father


Darling little girls

Playing together in heaven

Skipping streets of gold, hand in hand

Your laughter rings out


Joyful little princesses

Gathering flowers for Mama

Blowing kisses down to Daddy

Your sky paintings decorate our world


Wondrous little children

Wide-eyed at the feet of Jesus

Hearing the true and ancient stories

From the source, the King Himself


Watchful little guardians

With glances toward the gate

Like Madison waited for Taylor

Now watch and wait for us


Beautiful little angels

Making your home in Heaven

Show us all your special places

On that grand reunion day!


Eternal little souls

Our sorrow is Heaven’s joy

Unmatched love surrounds you now

In Heaven and from Earth

3 thoughts on “Heaven’s Joy

  1. Holly, I read this poem and the lump in my throat just got bigger and bigger. I am feeling your hurt today.. I know this pain and ask God to give you comfort as you remember such sweet painful memories.

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