Floss please

Jacob: Mama, can I have some fwoss, pwease?

Me (knowing he never wants floss to actually floss): What do you want the floss for, bud?

Jacob: To pick my boogers.

Me: Jacob, I think you should use tissue to pick out your boogers.

Jacob: No, I don’t want da tissue in my mouf. Dat’s why I want da fwoss.

Me: So the boogers are in your mouth?

Jacob: Yep. I put ’em dere after I picked my nose.

Me: And now they’re stuck in your teeth?

Jacob: Yah… Can I have da fwoss pwease?

Me: Why did you eat your boogers? That’s so gross, buddy. You need to get a tissue next time.

Jacob: But I was in time out. I was in time out when I picked my nose. So I put da boogers in my mouf and now day are stuck in my teef. Can I have da fwoss now pwease???

Who wants to kiss my adorable (and obedient) boy????

2 thoughts on “Floss please

    • Michele, you’ll find this funny… Just a few hours after posting this, we hopped in the car and headed to Auntie Jill’s. (It was the night we brought her the pie.) My parents were up visiting them as well. Dad picked up Jacob and gave him a big ol’ kiss, then suddenly looked at me and said, “Uh-oh. He hasn’t brushed his teeth since, has he?” Nope. Dad was the first one to kiss him. Perfect.

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