14 + 4 = 57 + 2100

14: The number of times my kids (mostly Jacob) threw up (mostly on me) in the last 5 days.

4: The number of times Jacob overflowed his diaper in the last 5 days. I’ll spare you the description, except to say that sleeper jammies (the kind with feet) ended up being a great floor protector. The last couple days, I’ve left him in PJs on purpose. Just in case.

57: The number of extra loads of laundry I did due to above mentioned vomiting and diarrhea. It may have been a bit less. But it certainly felt like 57. Or more.

2,100: The number of extra minutes Matt or I got to spend with our kids this week when we normally would have been working. Yes, I calculated it.

And there it is… 2,100 minutes… The joy found. When you’re doing an extra 57 loads of laundry and cleaning up bodily functional messes, you have to find the joy, right? That was mine. Extra laundry isn’t so bad when it meant I got extra snuggles in between time, extra kisses, extra books to read with my kids, extra lunch-time prayers where they thanked God for making mommy, daddy, Kim, and Grandma Kitchen better and prayed with even greater faith to make Jacob better, and extra minutes to just hold them.

Thank you, God, for extra minutes. I love them so.

One thought on “14 + 4 = 57 + 2100

  1. Thanks Holly for the positive perspective in all the puke and other wet stuff of life! 🙂 We all have “that” in our lives…we just all aren’t fortunate enough to have little ones to hug and hold in the middle of it any longer. BUT when we do…yesterday…take advantage of it to the hilt!! As Renee would say, “Live slow”. Love you girl! ❤

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